Retail Technology

Retail is an exciting business and it can be lucrative. But you need to know the systems you use are robust, and can deliver the certainty you need and the information required to analyse your business.

Australian Retail technology can deliver a complete retail technology solution in collaboration with our partners. Our service seamlessly integrates Point of Sales (POS), Back office, head office, EFTpos, CCTV and the devices required according to your needs.
Information on key areas such as sales, inventory, cash flow, security and more is available in real time, empowering you to make better decisions.

  • process transactions quickly at the register
  •  integrated with EFTpos to minimise human errors
  • up sell and cross sell other products and services
  • serve customers faster and better
  • pricing errors reduced with the help of bar code scanning
  • improves employee productivity
  • access customer information (accounts)

Security surveillance systems to ensure peace of mind

Preventing theft and safeguarding your business are critical. We can help you keep it safe with our simple and robust surveillance technology that helps you to deduce shrinkage, employee and customer fraud, and capture behind the scenes